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Polar Power (NASDAQ: POLA) is a leading provider of DC advanced power and cooling systems, pioneering innovations  across diverse industrial applications. Our product portfolio, known for innovation, durability, and efficiency, presently includes standard products for telecom, military, renewable energy, marine, automotive, residential, commercial, oil field and mining applications. Polar’s systems can be configured to operate on any energy source including photovoltaics, diesel, LPG (propane and butane), and renewable fuels.

Our telecom power solutions offer significant cost savings with installation, permitting, site leases, and operation.  Our military solutions provide compact, lightweight, fuel efficient, reliable power solutions for robotics, drone, communications, hybrid propulsion, and other applications.

Our mobile rapid battery charging technology enables on-demand roadside charging for electric vehicles. Our combined heat and power (CHP) residential systems offer innovative vehicle charging and integrated home power systems via natural gas or propane feedstocks, optimizing performance and system costs.

Our micro / nano grid solutions provide lower cost energy in “bad-grid or no-grid” environments. Our commitment to technological advancement extends to hybrid propulsion systems for marine and specialty vehicles, ensuring efficiency, comfort, reliability, and cost savings.

Polar Power is pioneering technological changes that radically change the production, consumption, and environmental impact of power generation.

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